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Velux Certification /Due Diligence 

Your roof is the most important element of your home and as such you should only entrust any repairs or enhancements to qualified trades people with government  endorsed standards and who are accountable  to regulatory bodies . 

As members of Trust Mark we strictly apply all our licensed guidelines and adhere to our on site inspections . 


we also promise the following :-


We won't remove trusses from your roof to fit windows unless we have submitted and secured building control approval , thus saving the integrity of your roof  and future costs


We won't  ask you if you have already had a costing (price) that we might beat it


We won't  offer up velux 'sister' windows as a cheaper alternative


We won't  knock your door  or cold call 


We won't  sell you non genuine velux products 


When we say 35 years experience that means genuine fitting /servicing and repairs of all velux products 




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Roof Windows Belfast

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